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We archive, securely delete and backup your documents

Records Management Solutions

Fully integrated and itemised documents management service.  Recall any document at any time and have it delivered back to your office.  Return the document when done.


Backup your documents to the cloud with our scanning facility.  Scan and backup any documents.  Retreive your archived documents whenever you need without delay.  Protect yourself from disasters with the ultimate backup solution ensuring your company is not at risk.

Secure Document Destruction

Ensure client data is protected, ensure financial data is protected remove the risk of your company being part of a data breach.  In many cases staff are unknowing accomplices to the provision of data which should not be distributed or should be carefully destroyed.  Document security is important, but not all staff members will see the strict importance in todays' world, or even be aware of the risk.  A lack of education on data protection, or the potential outcomes of bad data protection could potentially put your company at risk.  No longer is it purely financial institutions that need to worry about data protection, protect your company today with secure document destruction. 

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